7 days in a Camper Van in Mallorca

Mallorca Road Trip!

The most common route in a camper van or motorhome in Mallorca is to go around the island, along the coast.

We have designed a travel plan in camper van around Mallorca in 7 stages, perfect to discover the most beautiful corners of the island. You can adjust this route to the duration of your trip by shortening or lengthening the stages as you wish… that’s the good thing about traveling by camper van!

Before you take a look at the different stages, we would like to share a couple of tips with you to keep in mind to make the most of your camper trip in Mallorca:

  • If you are traveling in the summer months, especially July and August, keep in mind that there are some places in Mallorca with a lot of tourists. But don’t worry, the island is very large and you can always choose a less crowded place and enjoy the peace and quiet in August.
  • Take advantage of the fact that you are carrying the house on your shoulders and if you want to visit the most crowded places, try to do it early or late in the day. Avoid going to the most famous small coves in the central hours of the day, at noon is when there are crowds and it can be a hassle to find parking. You can devote the central hours of the day to visiting the long sandy beaches, where you will not have any problems finding a place to park and stroll along the beach.
  • Our camper vans are not 4×4. Remember not to drive on unpaved roads and be especially careful with potholes, branches or stones that can damage the underbody of the vehicle.
  • Be careful before driving into anywhere with the vehicle.
  • Before entering a car park that is difficult to access or very crowded, take a walk and make sure you can manoeuvre and turn around to get out. IT IS
  • ALWAYS RECOMMENDED TO PARK AT THE ENTRANCE OF THE TOWNS OR AT THE ENTRNCE TO THE CAR PARKI, it is better to walk 5 minutes, than to be manoeuvring and get a scare!
  • The Sierra de la Tramontana is beautiful, we know! but it has really inaccessible places for a large vehicle. Avoid descending to the smaller passes, plan your route well and make sure you’ll be able to park. There are many beautiful places with good access and parking, don’t spoil your day by getting stuck in an inaccessible place.
  • You are not alone on the road, respect other road users and be especially cautious with the groups of cyclists that are common in Mallorca. We all have the right to enjoy the island.

After these warnings, which we are sure will help you a lot in your trip, here are our 7 favorite stages to enjoy a trip in camper van or motorhome on the island of Mallorca…

This route in camper van or motorhome around Mallorca is perfect for any time of the year.

The 7 stages that comprise our trip in camper van are:

1. Palma city

2. South of Mallorca

3. Portocolom, Beach and Coves

4. Levante Península

5. Muro – Alcudia – Pollensa

6. Sierra de Tramuntana

7. Andratx – Sant Elm


It is always advisable to consult the official weather information page, to design your perfect camper trip in Mallorca.

Remember to respect the current regulations, take care of the environment, do not disturb the locals and leave the place clean and without a trace of our visit. Let’s take care of the beautiful island of Mallorca.

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Emptying of Camper Van Water in Mallorca (see here).

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