Tips for Camper Van Travel II

Recommendations II

Travelling with a camper van in Mallorca

After a first article of recommendations in which we talked about parking and mobility in Mallorca with a Camper Van, this time we are going to talk about the climate in Mallorca and respect for the environment.

The Weather in Mallorca

The climate in Mallorca is purely Mediterranean with mild temperatures. The main adverse weather phenomena are wind and torrential rains. It is important to frequently visit the official weather forecast page AEMET, to consult possible alerts and to be able to organize the best route in camper van in Mallorca.

Heavy storms and strong winds can make driving difficult. When in doubt or when it is impossible to maintain good visibility and good stability, it is better to take a break and take advantage of the fact that we have the house on our shoulders. Strong storms do not usually last long.

Special attention should be paid to moisture on the road, which is more common near the coast. This can cause us to lose traction on steep slopes. As always, it is best to park the vehicle outside the urban center and away from the small car parks at the coves and take a look with the vehicle stopped before accessing a complicated site.

In the winter season, we can find cold temperatures, especially at night and dawn. Normally the temperature in winter ranges between 10-15 degrees Celsius. Strong storms may occur, accompanied by strong winds.

In Spring or Autumn season, we find very pleasant temperate temperatures, with warm days and mild nights. Rainy days are common, alternating with sunny days. Possible storms.

In the summer season, we enjoy high temperatures and many sunny days. Warm nights. There may be some summer storms. They are brief, but very intense. A lot of water falls in a short period of time, causing floods. Please pay special attention to weather warnings to avoid parking in flood zones.

The island of Mallorca

We are privileged to be able to know and enjoy the island of Mallorca, but we must also be responsible with the environment: Do not litter and do not disturb.

We must leave no trace in our wake. We drive separate vehicles and must deposit the waste we generate in the appropriate place. Use the water emptying points and under no circumstances empty the water or the toilet in nature.

Let’s respect the environment: nature, wild animals and neighbours. Remember that free camping is prohibited, so you cannot take tables and chairs out of the vehicle except in designated areas. Respect signage and parking prohibitions. Do not park the camper outside the parking areas (pine forest, mountain, beach, etc), and respect the silence and tranquillity of the local area.

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