South of Mallorca by Camper Van

Discover the long sandy beaches...

In the south of Mallorca, we find the best sandy beaches on the island!

We continue our route of 7 stages in camper van or motorhome through the island of Mallorca. Yesterday we visited Palma, and we were enchanted by its historic centre, its modernist architecture and its Arab and Jewish influence. Today we move south little by little, without haste, to our first stop. The charming and touristy Cala Pi. It is an authentic Mediterranean postcard cove, surrounded by pine trees and crystal clear water, it has a fine sandy cove and a small old jetty typical of the Balearic Islands. It is a very nice place, easy to access and with good parking for campers or motorhomes. But it is not very big, so on the days of greatest tourist influx we can find crowds.

Following our camper route through the south of Mallorca, in the surroundings of Sa Rápita and Colonia de San Jordi. We found two of the best sandy beaches on the island, for us without a doubt the best… Es Trenc and Es Carbó. Both are large, long sandy beaches guarded by the turquoise Balearic water. We can park well in the car parks designated for visitors to the beach. And they are such long beaches, that even at the time of year with most tourists you can take a quiet, walk along the beach and look for a good spot of sand to rest.

This area is full of quiet summer villages, havens of peace and tranquillity: Ses Salines, Santanyi, Llombards. All of them are perfect for dining on a terrace after a day at the beach and finding a quiet street to sleep with our camper van or motorhome.

Near Cala Llombards, we find the famous and tiny Calo des Moro and Cala S’Almunia. Of course they are beautiful places, but we do not recommend going to them in the middle of the day within the summer period, unless we want to queue for two hours to enter a beach where there is no room even for a towel. Yes, you can visit very early or late in the day. Take a quick dip, take a photo and continue to a less crowded place.

Going up north along the east coast, we have the Mondragó Natural Park, with 3 or 4 beautiful beaches, a large dirt car park where you can park and spend the night and several trails to take small treks of 1 or 2 hours in length.

In this area we recommend two very authentic fishing ports, full of the typical Mallorcan boat, beautiful wooden llauts that transport us to another era.

One of these places is Cala Figuera. A beautiful natural harbour, well worth the detour here, if only for a short walk around its port. We recommend parking in the upper area, at the entrance to the village, in the first place we see, and taking a walk. They are narrow streets, and there are no parking spaces below.

The second of our favourite places in the south of Mallorca is Portopetro. A neighbour of the super touristy Cala D’or, it has managed to maintain its essence.

In addition to strolling along the beaches that we have told you about before and discovering the quiet villages of the south, from Porto Petro it is a great place to rent a boat with or without a license and discover all the small coves.  You can also sign up for a excursion to the island of Cabrera, the boat departs from Colonia de Sant Jordi. Spending an extra day on the beaches of Cabrera is a great plan for your camper van or motorhome trip in Mallorca.

Remember to respect the current regulations, take care of the environment, do not disturb the locals and leave the place clean and without a trace of our visit. Let’s take care of the beautiful island of Mallorca.

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