Camper Van Parking in Mallorca

Parking and overnight stays in our camper vans in Mallorca

Compilation of parking and overnight stay areas on the island of Mallorca. Always remember to respect the signs and regulations in force. Be respectful and take care of the environment.

Differences between parking, overnight stays and camping.

First of all, it is good to understand the differences between these terms so you know what to do and what not to do in each situation.

Parking the camper van is the same as parking a car. Our camper van is just another vehicle and as such can be parked in any car park in Mallorca unless parking of motorhomes or camper vans is expressly prohibited.

Overnight stays refers to spending the night in the camper van parked in a car park on a public road. You can spend the night anywhere in Mallorca unless expressly stated otherwise.

Attention, it is not possible to spend the night where there is no parking. It is therefore forbidden to spend the night in the mountains, pine forests, trails, or any other unregulated place.

By camping, we refer to the act of setting up a camp, taking objects out of the camper van. This is not allowed on public roads.

In Mallorca there is no camping, you cannot do this except in a specific rest area for motorhomes and camper vans.

It is therefore forbidden to camp in any cark park on the public road, meaning setting up an awning, taking out tables and chairs or any other objects.

Our camper vans are prepared for the peculiarities of a camper style trip on the island of Mallorca. Check their equipment here.

Overnight stay areas

You can find parking and overnight stay areas in Mallorca in the free apps: Park4night and Caramaps. The parking areas are updated by the travellers themselves, GUMARA CAMPER is not responsible for the information provided in these applications and we cannot ensure the accuracy of all of them.

It is very important to go with time, inform yourself calmly, take a look and if you are not convinced or there are too many people you can always look for another one!




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