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Travelling with a camper van in Mallorca

Traveling with your camper van around Mallorca is great! You discover a lot of postcard places and it is very easy, always respecting the restrictions and prohibited places for parking or overnight stays.

Is there no camping in Mallorca?

No, there are currently no campsites on the island of Mallorca. Our camper van can be parked in any car park, unless otherwise expressly specified by local signage. There are places prepared for emptying water, open every day. Remember to empty gray water and clean the chemical toilet only in places prepared for it. Together, let’s do our bit for the environment.

Is it easy to find place to park?

Mallorca is a large island, and the amount of tourism varies widely. Depending on the time of year you will find more problems in some places than in others. Especially in summer, is advisable to go to first thing in the morning to find a parking space. Always remember to respect parking signs. The camper vans are larger than a car, we must always make sure that we do not hinder the exit of any other vehicle.

As a general recommendation, it is better to park nearby and not on the beach front. This also helps to avoiding having problems manoeuvring. It is easier to walk 5 or 10 minutes than to spend 20 minutes manoeuvring to park.

It is always advisable to take a first look on foot to make sure there is room to manoeuvre and park, and to choose the best area to park.

Driving a Camper in Mallorca?

On the roads of the Sierra de Tramontana there are some narrow stretches of curves and very pronounced slopes. Please, be well informed about the route you are going to take and evaluate your experience driving camper vans, before taking any road that could cause you issues.

It is always advisable to park outside the urban area. The narrow streets and the number of cars can make our lives very complicated!

The most important thing, drive calmly at low speed and with patience, without ever losing your nerve.

Particularly noteworthy are the roads to Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent and also the Port de Canonge road. Beautiful places, very quiet outside the summer season, but accessed via a very narrow road with curves and a lot of traffic and not advisable for busy days.

Other places such as Banyalbufar, Estellences, Fornalux, should be visited very carefully, always parking on the outskirts.

Always avoid the Cape of Formentor in Camper Van.

We know that they are beautiful places, but you can always discover them by taking a hiking route and preventing a lot of headaches.

Or you can also leave them for a winter getaway with one of our camper vans that come with heating installed.

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