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Kaia, compact in size, very easy to drive. A perfect camper van to discovering every corner of the island of Mallorca without limits. Well-equipped and practical interior...

Our Haka is perfect for traveling in total comfort, without rushing. A very spacious camper van that comes with an indoor shower with hot water, large living room, fixed bed and plenty of storage space.

Kamboia Camper, made with a lot of love and charming details. It is a great for worry-free travel around the island. Plus it has a very original design!

Our Koa Camper is a beautiful, pine wood camper! A good size, comfortable inside and easy to drive around the island of Mallorca.

Kyana, a large camper van, with a spacious and beautiful pine wood interior and every imaginable comfort! It is mid-sized but very manageable...

Our modern DINKA camper is the perfect size fot travelling around Mallorca worry free all year round. It has a high fixed ceiling and autonomous heating....

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